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Secrets of Brahmaputra is an initiative to provide Healthy, Traditionally Organic and Natural Products from the North East of India. Our ingredients are sourced only from farmers and workers of the North East to provide growth opportunities to the community and improve their livelihood. We further share a portion of our revenue for their benefit. Our food products have a range of health and lifestyle benefits while our natural grooming products provide chemical free personal hygiene options. Vacuum packed for freshness and shelf life and brought to you in eco-friendly, bio-degradable containers to minimize impact on the environment.

North East India is full of God's gifted agro products. from hottest chilly to sweetest pineapple, from anti cancer black rice to world's most nutritious turmeric to GI tagged Ginger, Large cardamom and other nutritious varieties of rice, it has all, we need to consume

Products are 100% natural, 0% usage of pesticide/fertiliser ie organic by tradition

NEFSP brings these unique products produced by small farmers in remote hilly areas, packs using latest vacuum hygienic technology and brings directly to your house

By using these products, you support small farmers in difficult terrain

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Image of Rice

Here is a Secret: Did you Know?

Brown Rice has been linked to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and certain forms of cancer.

Red Rice has higher Nutritional Value compared to polished rice.

Assam Magic Rice was used by Ahom soldiers as instant food during wars in Assam as all one needs to do is soak the rice in cold water for about an hour to swell!

Manipur Black Rice was known as regal rice. It has anti-cancer properties.

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Image of Spices

Here is a Secret: Did you know?

Lakadong Turmeric is worlds highest curcumin turmeric used to increase immunity and good health.

Naga Chilli is the 2nd Hottest Chilli in the world and possesses medicinal properties. In Summer, it helps you from the heat and in winter from cold.

Black Pepper improves brain health. It delays ageing and prevents Alzheimers.

Ginger Powder is used in various face packs to prevent acne and pimples. It has Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflamatory properties.

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Image of different teas

Here is a Secret: Did you know?

Orthodox Tea decreases the rate of heart attack and strokes.

Green Tea has detoxifying powers. It keeps stress at bay and calms you down.

CTC Tea is packed full of anti-oxidants.

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Image of Natural Soaps

Here is a Secret: Did you Know?

Our soaps are made of Fruits, Rice, Spices, Bamboo and Charcoal and are 100% natural with no added chemicals.

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Image of a Bamboo Fountain

Here is a Secret: Did you Know?

Bamboo Shoot Pickle is low in fat, high in dietary fibre and rich in mineral content. It helps in digestion by aiding the flow of gastric juices.

Bamboo Shoot Processed is high in anti-oxidants and promotes weight loss. It lowers blood pressure and reduces cholestrol levels.

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Here is a Secret: Did you Know?

Kachai lemon is having highest abscrobic acid in world, very good for health.

Naga chilly and Mizo chilly have medicinal properties

Assam local jaggery is best alternative of sugar and gives good health

Assam Teas increases immunity and removed toxins from body

North East Black pepper have many medicinal properties

North East Ginger increases immunity

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  • Image of North East Farms Sales Promotion Logo.


    North East Farm Sales Promotion is a social objective START-UP dedicated to upscale livelihoods of women & Farmers of NE India.

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    Our Promise Our Vision

    The Sale proceeds from all our products are shared with the Farmers who provide us the raw material. Our Mission is to Promote North East India and improve the livelihoods of all North Eastern Communities.

    To brand and promote the North East of India as a hub of quality, organic, premium products and to promote the economy.

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    Natural and Traditionally Organic

    All our products are completely Natural and Traditionally Organic and the raw materials are all procured from the Farmers and Workers of the North East of India.

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    Our products have a wide range of health benefits that improve the life of individuals.

  • We Provide

    10% Higher than Market Price for Small Farmers

  • Focus

    We Focus on Procurement from the Poorest of Poor Farmers

  • 1. 10% cashback on purchase of anti cancer properties black rice by cancer properties.
    Just send your prescription by email post order and we refund you back 10% of black rice purchase amount

    2. We care for North East people living in metros and craving for North East Products. Post your order, email your North East address proof and we return you 10% of sale amount

  • Starting Soon

    Guaranteed purchase of unsold Fruits/Vegetables from road side sellers in late evening, so they go home with money and their unsold products don't perish in night

  • Naturally Grows or Exists in an Area

  • Idegenous food is one that has been cultivated within the boundaries of respective territories

  • Food Produced around or near the environment where it is consumed