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 Secrets of Brahmaputra sells products that include food, spices, pickles, teas, Bamboo Products and home decor items that are sourced and manufactured in the North East of India. It is a North East Farms Sales Endeavour. All profits are shared with farmers from the North East of India.

North East Farm Sales Promotion (NEFSP), a social objective Start Up (Pvt. Ltd) dedicated to upscale livelihoods of women and farmers of the North East of India through (i) direct procurement and marketing of traditional agro-based products, (ii) innovative product development and standards setting, and (iii) attractive eco-friendly packaging and logistics support across India and abroad as part of a citizens ‘Act East’ initiative.
NEFSP is incubated at:
i) Assam Start Up
ii) IIM Calcutta Innovation Park
iii) IIM Kozhikode LIVE
iv) MANAGE, Ministry of Agriculture

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It is one of 12 startups selected under FOCUS NE Accelerator program by IIMCIP sponsored by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). NEFSP has scripted history by executing first export from NE to South East Asia (Vietnam) of GI food products in May, 2022. It is recipient of MANAGE – Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, Samunnati Agri Start up awards 2022 under North East Region category.

NEFSP was only company from East & North East India (out of 14 from whole India) selected for Indo German Manager Training Program (IGMTP) funded by the GIZ for which NEFSP has been invited by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action to visit Germany from August 19th - September 3rd to explore bilateral trade opportunities.

It is amongst 10 startups selected by Start Up India & Shiprocket for promoting NEFSP – NE agro products as a D2C brand in India with cash grant, training, etc.

Building on activities like facilitating GI tagging unique products from the North East of India and training of farmers in product development, marketing and export promotion of unique agro-based products from the North East earlier, founder, first as an NGO and then as a Start Up, the NEFSP has, its short existence, achieved notable success in positioning NE farm products at places within the North East and India. It is now looking to establish itself deeper within India with a vision of sustainable agriculture and forestry based on the eco-system, livelihoods and society of the North East of India, and their socio-economic advancement.

The NEFSP’s primary focus is to tap the unrealized market potential of distinctive agricultural, horticultural, minor forest and other products of Small Farmers, Self Help Groups, Farm Cooperatives, Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO)s, and local entrepreneurs of the North East Region who receive government support in many ways but lack brand value, acceptable standards, quality packaging, dependable logistics and targeted marketing tie-ups, with the necessary platform to showcase, add value and market their products. Its ultimate aim is to invigorate the farm sector on which 70% of the people of the North East are tied, as a growth and driving sector of the North East Indian economy based on their own, locally grown and produced products. Most of these products are by default organic and packed in state-of-the-art Vacuum Packaging for extended shelf life by the NEFSP.

In addition, the NEFSP also offers packaging services to farmers and farmers’ units directly in their own name if they wish, for a nominal fee. It has entered into such an arrangement with Nagaland’s Marcofed for Nagaland farmers and Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Guwahati and select local enterprises in Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya, and is also in discussions with several state governments in the North East to enter into packaging and/or marketing arrangements for farmers and farm-based products from these states.

Values and principles-
For us the definition of a ‘good company’ is where the company generates returns not just for investors but also the producers, where the latter are also shareholders.
We do not aim for big , rather we aim for the greatest good of the producers at the bottom of the pyramid (based on existing land ownership, not disruption for corporate scale).
We also aim for a model that treats nature as a capital, not something to be depleted but something to be built; builds rural futures; regards ecology as economy and tries to develop a virtuous, sustainable circular economy where nothing is wasted.
In a sense the model we have in mind is individual or cooperative ownership, aggregation and corporate quality control, management, knowhow and management, combining unique NE products and the Amul-Kurien model.
There are many things we can do based on that; POS collection, aggregation centres at principal logistic hubs and market towns; SME clusters at such centres, generating value, employment, entrepreneurship, branding of traditional products( like champagne in France), and innovation.

Society first for us-
1. 10% higher than market price for procurement and 1% sharing of MRP with producers.
2. PPP- procurement from poorest of poor farmers.
3. PROVESH- procurement for processing of unsold products from road side vegetable sellers at night.
4. Vending carts for road side sellers.
5. Assured procurement with premium price from below poverty line farmers residing on small islands (saporis/chars) of Assam in partnership with a lead social organization of state.

Download NEFSP Brochure: Click Here

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Bhanu Pratap Singh


Bhanu Pratap Singh is alumni of the Indian institute of foreign trade (New Delhi) and the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode Live. He also served the Government of Meghalaya as officer on special duty for skill development and market linkages. He was part of a 7 member team of Dr Reddy's foundation which did a pilot scheme in 7 states of placement linked training with the Ministry of Rural development in 2006. He was instrumental in setting up APKI RASOI KITCHENS (Free food for the deprived) in Delhi in coordination with the Chief Minister's Office in 2008. A major achievement to his credit is to arrange GI ( Geographical Indication) registration of 16 unique products of North East. He has also facilitated development of registered national brands for Nagaland Pineapple. He has also facilitated export tie ups for Meghalaya farmers to Bangladesh via land border.

He was awarded the International award on spreading Mahatma Gandhi Ji's thoughts and principles through movie media in 2009. He has developed 16 exporters and 26 micro enterprises in the North East region. He also served the US India SME Council headquarters at Washington (USA) as Director - North East Region for 4 years.



Dr KL Chadha, Ms Jahnabi Phookan, Mr Arijit Bhattacharya.